Sadi's Last Words
For your soul my love

rip out the wings of an innocent butterfly

This endless mercy mild were crawling side by side

Jaded hearts entwined together. Blood on our hands is the wine we offer the sacrafice


For love, would you die tonight?

Love Bond Between A Knight & The Princess

There is no minstrels to sing us songs of heroes and gods, for they have gone away

The last hero has faded into the dusk of the past and his light shines as faded gray


All the Gods have closed their eyes and sleep as legends in history

The young princess has no Knight to rescue her for the world of today


She is bond by a society who does not believe I resurrecting these things

The princess and the knight are lost in the battle of rulers and kings


Kings who change their rulings, for as the money flows so does their rules.

The princess and the knight has cried for love and are called fools


The Hero and the Gods set in darkness waiting for the dreamers to return

The world of today has placed rules on love and will not its freedom burn


Love has been forced to join the Heroes and the Gods in the place of despair

Only to be released under the rules of the Kings who do not care


So the Princess must conform or become locked in the tower

But in the heart a minstrel’s song is sung and love will have power


The song will awaken the past in his heart and let loves freedom live there

Hidden in his words, he sends out his song to the one he prays cares


It will be hidden and none shall know

But the mistral song shall once again flow


The Princess shall hear and she will see

that she has the power to release the past and set it free


It may not be for all of the human race

The Heros and the Gods in our hearts shall have thier place

Love Bond Between A Boy & A Girl

Girl: Talk to her!
Boy: I don't know. She won't ever like me.
Girl: Don't say that. You're amazing.
Boy: I just want her to know how I feel.
Girl: Then tell her.
Boy: She won't like me...
Girl: How do you know that?
Boy: I can just tell.
Girl: Well just tell her.
Boy: What should I say?
Girl: Tell her how much you like her!
Boy: I tell her that daily.
Girl: What do you mean?
Boy: I'm always with her. I love her.
Girl: I know how you feel. I have the same problem, but he'll
never like me...
Boy: Wait. Who do you like?
Girl: Oh some boy.
Boy: Oh... she won't like me either
Girl: She does.
Boy: How do you know..?
Girl: Because, who wouldn't like you?
Boy: You.
Girl: You're right, I dont like you, I love you
Boy: I love you too.
Girl: So are you going to talk to her?
Boy: I just did.


What MZRY Says

"We were given two legs to walk, two eyes to to see, two ears to listen, two hands to hold. But only one heart; to love the person who has the second"

"Last night i was looking up at stars & matched one with a reason why i love you. I was doing great but then i ran out of stars"

"My smile is an open wound without you"

"You're my best kept secret & my biggest mistake"

-a teenage vow in a parking lot, "til tonight do us part"-

"You said last night was a one time thing but last night we did it more than one time..."

"I fell asleep listening to your heart beat"




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